Member Benefits

How the USPMPA can help your business grow and succeed

As small to medium sized business owners it can be hard to get the respect and discounts that large national companies can. With the power of cooperation and through our numbers, we have been able to negotiate certain benefits for our members. With the power of the USPMPA behind you, your small to mid sized business can feel as powerful as a large nation wide company.

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Here are our current benefits and we are diligently negotiating to add more

Pesticide Distributors (Residex, Soil Technologies)
Infra-Red Systems (Pest Inspect IR)
Bookkeeping & Accounting (Professional Bookkeeping & Accounting)
Web Design & Hosting (FortySixTen Studios)
Fleet GPS Solutions (Azuga)
Printing & Labels (Happy Print)
Equipment & Accessories (Cantags)

Vendor Partners

Azuga Logo

Azuga offers fleet GPS tracking solutions through a simple plug-and-play device. Administrative setup is simple and support is readily available. Learn more by watching the webinar
Street Price: $21.99 per unit per month, one time activation fee of $25 per unit
USPMPA Pricing: Available to both SOCIAL and CHARTER members. $18.99 per unit per month, one-time activation fee of $15 per unit. Simply mention USPMPA to get preferred pricing.

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Residex Introduction to USPMPA
Residex provides discounts on pesticides and equipment across the country, including Alaska and Hawaii.
SOCIAL Members: 5% discount from street price on anything in Residex inventory
CHARTER Members: Tiered discounts on top of 5% Social pricing; annual rebate on total purchase; 1 free shipment per month. Contact USPMPA for more information on your specific tier.

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Pest Inspectir Logo

Pest Inspectir

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FortySixTen Studios Logo

FortySixTen Studios

FortySixTen Studios provides web design with a focus on smartphone-friendly sites, video production, SEO, and content marketing strategies for many clients in the pest management industry.
SOCIAL Members: 5% discount on any services from FortySixTen Studios
CHARTER Members: 10% discount on any services from FortySixTen Studios

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Soiltech Logo

Soil Technologies

Soil Technologies offers Chase Mole Repellant, an effective solution for repelling moles in both granular and liquid formation.
Retail: 32 lbs granular box $99.75, 4 gallons $234.50
SOCIAL Members: 32 lbs granular box $74.95, 4 gallons $156
CHARTER Members: 32 lbs granular box $71.20, 4 gallons $148.20

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PB&A Logo

Professional Bookkeeping & Accounting

Having a bookkeeper/accountant who knows pest control is critical. For over 16 years PB&A has helped other small pest control companies grow into larger, successful corporations, and they can help you too. Competitive rates; call for specifics.
SOCIAL Members: Free initial consultation, a $105 value
CHARTER Members: Free initial consultation plus free financial statement analysis ($310 total value; requires 1 month minimum service)

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PB&A Logo


Get custom tags for your B&G, Birchmeier or any other spray canister. Receive a 15% discount on your entire order from! From a regulatory and safety aspect, every company should have these on every piece of equipment on every truck. More durable and better looking than any homemade service container label. To receive this benefit, just enter the promo code: “USPMPA” on checkout!
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Contributing Partners

Contributing partners of the USPMPA are those that have provided support to the association in some way. While they may not offer discounts, they are certainly worthy of recognition for the help and support they have shown to the association. Below are our Contributing partners: