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Top 5 Reasons to utilize SCRIPTS in your pest business

Today’s Business Building discussion comes from Don Leland, Co-Founder of the USPMPA. Feel free to join the conversation here:

Today’s Business Building Topic: Top 5 Reasons to use SCRIPTS in your pest control business.

Do you use scripts for your techs, office, salespeople and/or yourself? Some feel that scripts make a phone conversation stale, “canned” or various other negative adjective. Others have shared with me that it locks technicians into a linear way of thinking, leaving them unprepared for customer questions that don’t fit into the script. I’m sure we’ve all had experiences with scripts, both negative and positive. However, scripts can play a vital part in your pest control business, whether it is new or established. reading-297450_960_720

1. Assist with training: If you are growing, you’ll eventually have to hire new staff, who will presumably at some point interact with the public. Scripting is key to training new employees, as they can refer back to it. It creates a “baseline” of communication and a common knowledge that helps new hires gain confidence. Consider even making one for email responses as well (aka an email “template”).

2. Ensure consistency: Without a script, employees often fly “by the seat of their pants”. New hires will flounder through customer interactions, either underselling, overpromising, or not closing the sale at all. Scripts make sure everyone is on the same page and that they use language and messages in a way that reflects your company vision, mission and culture.

3. Expectation setting: I have heard my share of upset clients over the years, and I have found that using a script provides that consistent communication, and also ensures that we establish proper expectations. We don’t record every call in the office, so I make it a point to sit in the front office for a few hours every few days so I can hear what is being said, and ensure that we are staying “on script”.

4. Extends marketing: You’ve spent hundreds, maybe thousands, on marketing. You’ve invested countless hours listening to Luke, or religiously follow every post made here in USPMPA, or you have started blogging and playing with Google AdWords. The last thing you want is for that prospective customer (the one you’ve invested so much just to get them to call you) to get an incorrect or inconsistent communication and decide not to do business with you. Scripts also give your team a ready series of statements to help them overcome objections.

phonespittingoutdollars5. Increases sales: This is really an end-result of the other 4 points, and should be read as “Increases Revenue”. Scripts help salespeople (and non-sales people, like a technician), stay on message and give them a guide to follow to work customers through your sales process.

Think of a favorite movie, or TV show. Every great actor or actress has a script that he or she not only memorizes, but embodies it and makes it their own, so there is honesty and belief in their performance. Scripting your calls or customer interactions is just like scripting a performance.

Your prospects and customers are your audience, and your staff (and you) are the actors and actresses. Spend some time developing, testing and re-writing your scripts. Know that this takes practice, but that practice really does “make perfect”…eventually the scripts become a natural part of each employee’s vocabulary, presented in their own personable and “non-sales” way.

The reward for this effort? You should see more sales, more up-sells and better overall results from your team at all levels.